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In the Madison and surrounding areas, the mosquito season typically runs from April through to October, and outdoor areas become a breeding ground for swarms of blood thirsty mosquitoes. Not only can mosquitoes be annoying but also dangerous, when they carry deadly diseases like the West Nile virus Our Superior Mosquito Defense Services in Madison and surrounding area:

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We take every step needed to provide our customers the highest quality of services for their needs. Affordable, dependable and effective protection against mosquito bites as well as the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes.

We provide a variety of Mosquito Control services including
  • Superior Barrier Shield Program – our most popular service!

We’ve perfected the traditional “barrier” method, by adding a few extra techniques along with our proprietary solution, to create the Superior Barrier Shield Program, which kills mosquitoes on contact and continues to repel mosquitoes for 21 to 25 days, Guaranteed!

  • All Natural Spray – our organic solution which is an ideal alternative.

Mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of this solution. Fortunately, humans will detect only a mild odor that dissipates within a few hours of the application. Since this organic solution breaks down more quickly in the environment, it needs to be applied every 14 days.

  • Specific Event Spray

Choose this service for mosquito free outdoor parties, weddings, picnics, holiday’s, family reunions, barbecues and basically anything you do outside.

  • Commercial Mosquito Control

Our commercial spray program will help you keep your area of business or public space free from mosquitoes, and your customers and visitors happy.

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Do you love the outdoors & want to help others better enjoy their outdoor spaces? A Superior Mosquito Defense franchise may be for you.

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Superior has the ULTIMATE Mosquito Control Solution for Madison and surrounding area families and businesses!


In addition to mosquitoes, we also offer flea and tick control too!

Tips For Mosquito Control

Our goal is to show you just how much of an impact mosquitoes have on your everyday life and how we can help with their infestation and population.

Where Are Mosquitoes During Winter?

You don’t see many mosquitoes during the winter months, but as soon as that warm & humid weather returns, they are back and strong.

Five Diseases Prevented by Mosquito Control

With the warm temperatures of summer come pool days, backyard barbecues, and those pesky mosquitos.